Build a Fund

Interested in leaving a legacy or helping your favorite nonprofit for perpetuity? 
Contact the Foundation to clarify your charitable vision, shape a permanent fund, and choose the most appropriate way to give.

Building a Fund

  • Acorn Fund: Payments through regular contributions can build a fund on an installment plan. Donors can build a named fund over a number of years. 
  • Bequests: Establish a fund through your will. It’s simple, reduces estate taxes and can even be advised by your heirs so your charitable intent is preserved in perpetuity. Many donors, after providing for their loved ones, leave the remainder of their estates to the Foundation. 
  • Charitable remainder trusts, lead trusts, pooled income funds and gift annuities: All methods allow donors to turn over assets to the Foundation but retain income from them. These are excellent ways to improve income from low-yield, high-value assets and gain significant tax advantages as well. 
  • Insurance: Name the LaCrosse Community Foundation as owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy to be used to establish a future charitable fund. The donor earns an immediate tax deduction and any additional premium payments are deductible, as well. 
  • Designating the Foundation as beneficiary of your IRA or Qualified Retirement Plan: When sizable retirement plans become part of an estate, heavy taxes can take 60-65 percent or more of their assets. Designating the LaCrosse Community Foundation as a beneficiary of retirement plan assets is a tax-effective way of making a charitable bequest. In some cases, donors may find it pays to designate a charitable remainder unitrust as plan beneficiary. The trust can provide an annual payout to designated heirs for up to 20 years and establish a fund within the LaCrosse Community Foundation upon its termination.
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