Follow-up Reports

Nonprofit agencies who receive grant funding, including grant distirbutions (from donor advised, designated, or agency endowment funds) must provide a report at the completion of the grant, and follow these grant/distribution conditions:

  • Use funds only for the purposes as described in the grant application; prior authorization is required to use grant funds for another purpose.
  • Will notify the Foundation of any change in legal or tax status, changes in staff related to grant purposes, ability to expend grant for intended purpose, and expenditure from grant for any purpose other than what the application indicates.
  • Maintain books and records to demonstrate grant funds were used for the purpose for which the grant is made, and to maintain records of expenditures for the grant. The Foundation will have reasonable access to these files for the purpose of financial audits, verifications, and investigations it deems necessary concerning the grant. These files will be maintained for at least four years after the completion of the grant.
  • NOT expend any grant funds for political or lobbying activity.
  • To return an unexpected funds or unused portion of the grant to the Foundation.
  • To allow the Foundation to review and approve the content of any proposed publicity concerning this grant prior to its release and to recognize the Foundation in all publicity materials related to the funded project or program.
  • To allow the Foundation to include information about this grant in the Foundation's publicity; this may include the amount and purpose of the grant, photo or videos of the project, the agency's logo or trademark, and other information about the organization and its activities.
  • To complete the report summarizing the project promptly following the end of the grant period. This report will be attached to the grant application on the Foundant Grant Management System when the grant is awarded.


Reports can be found at these links:

If you applied for a General Fund, Minigrant, Zielke, Sieber, Global Awareness, or Kjome grant, please sign into your account on the Foundant Grant Management System. Your follow-up report is there.

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