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Sherman Scholarship Benefits Young People for Over 25 Years

March 2, 2015

John and Ruth Sherman

For over 25 years, young people in our community benefited from the secret generosity of John and Ruth Sherman. John and Ruth helped 12 students each year with scholarships to assist in their education. The Shermans always remained anonymous, and each scholarship award letter stated:

There is an angel, part of whose ministry is helping young people who are deserving with their scholarship expenses. You are one such! The angel asks that at some time you extend an act of kindness to another. In the meantime, we pray you remain healthy and we wish you great success and happiness.

John and Ruth Sherman believed in the importance of education and the importance of community members helping each other. Through their generous bequest to the La Crosse Community Foundation, John and Ruth Sherman endowed $1 million for a scholarship fund that will continue to assist one high school graduate from each of the six La Crosse County’s public schools every year.

Allison Forer

Allison Forer, senior at Logan High School, received the Sherman scholarship in 2012, the first year that students know where their scholarship comes from. Allison will be attending college in Winona and plans to study math or business. “This means so much to me. I am so thankful and fortunate to attend a school and live in a community with people who are willing to give to education,” Allison stated.