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Sieber Fund Helps Riverfront’s Gardens Grow

March 2, 2015

Mary Grace Sieber knew the value of living an independent life. Hers was a life of working hard, being active in her community and traveling the world, despite the fact that she had lived with the effects of severe polio since her early adulthood. Every day she celebrated her independence.

With a bequest to the La Crosse Community Foundation, she established the Mary Grace Sieber Fund, a permanent, field of interest fund that issues grant funding to organizations that assist young people who have disabilities to enhance their ability to enjoy independent lives. Mary Grace’s intent was to assist people living with any disability to participate in life-enriching programs and to learn more about how to become more self-sufficient. Because of her generosity, many generations will learn what she learned over a lifetime, that independence is a gift worth sharing.

Riverfront received a grant from the Mary Grace Sieber Fund in 2012. Raised beds were added to the garden that they had to allow more people access to gardening. They grew tomatoes, peppers, strawberries, and squash. Fresh salsa was a huge hit among the participants at Riverfront and they were able to enjoy a spaghetti dinner this winter with the sauce they had made and froze.