Purpose, Mission, Vision, Guiding Principles

LCF Team

Our Purpose

To enrich the quality of life in La Crosse County by:

  • Attracting charitable gifts, chiefly in the form of endowment funds, to promote community philanthropy
  • Serving as a steward for entrusted funds and using these precious resources wisely and efficiently
  • Supporting programs and activities of nonprofits providing services that meet community needs
  • Providing leadership by serving as a convener/catalyst in identifying problems and opportunities and shaping effective responses
  • Being a community resource by providing services to donors, nonprofit agencies and the community-at-large

Our Mission

Connecting people, passion, and giving in the La Crosse area forever.

Our Vision

The catalyst for a vibrant, generous, and inclusive community.

Our Guiding Principles

At all times we strive to adhere to these principles for our donors, nonprofit partners, and the community:

  • We open our doors to everyone and anyone who aspires to build upon the contributions of the past and present to shape our country’s shared future
  • We exist to amaze those we serve through nurturing lifelong relationships that span generations
  • We believe diverse voices, engagement, and participation are essential to building and sustaining thriving communities
  • We are flexible, responsive, open to innovative strategies, and able to take prompt action with ease
  • We believe in the transformative power of partnerships around shared passions and objectives
  • We are dedicated to being trusted stewards of our community’s past and future assets