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Jamie Schloegel, CFRE
Chief Executive Officer
(608) 782-3223 ext. 22

Contact Jamie for:

  • Help establishing a new fund
  • If you’re interested in making a donation
  • If you’re a fund holder and have a question about your fund

Erin Belby

Erin Belby, CPA
Chief Operating Officer
(608) 782-3223 ext. 24

Contact Erin for:

  • Financial questions
  • NPO Technical Assistance

Sherry Beames

Sherry Beames
Scholarship & Office Manager
(608) 782-3223 ext. 21

Contact Sherry for:

  • Questions related to scholarships
  • General Foundation information

Lauren Journot
Grants & Scholarships Manager
(608) 782-3223 ext. 23

Click here to schedule a meeting with Lauren

Contact Lauren for:

  • If you’re interested in applying for a grant