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Grant Policies and Expectations

Organizations that submit a grant application and/or accept a grant award from any fund at La Crosse Community Foundation agree to the following Terms, Conditions and Understandings. If a fiscal sponsor is being utilized, it is the fiscal sponsoring organization’s responsibility to ensure that these terms and conditions are met. You may not assign, or otherwise transfer your rights, or delegate any of your obligations under this grant award to another entity without prior written approval from the Foundation.

Expenditure of Funds

This grant is made only for the purpose outlined in the grant application and/or indicated in the grant award letter and may not be expended for any other purpose without the Foundation’s prior written approval.

Any portion of the grant not expended at the completion of the project and/or the end of the grant period must be returned immediately to the Foundation. You may seek prior written approval from the Foundation to extend your grant period and/or use remaining funds for a different need/purpose. The Foundation’s grant period ends 11 months from the date of the grant award.

You may not expend any grant funds for any political or lobbying activity.

Required Notifications

You are required to provide the Foundation with immediate written notification of: (1) any changes in your organization’s tax-exempt status; (2) your inability to expend the grant for the purposes as awarded; or (3) any expenditure from this grant made for any purpose other than for which the grant was awarded.

Follow-Up Reporting and Reasonable Access to Records

You will complete the assigned follow-up report form to describe your progress in achieving the purpose of the grant. The form is due once all the funds have been expended, and/or no later than the deadline indicated in the grant award letter. No other grant awards will be issued to an organization with overdue follow-up reports for prior grants.

You also agree to provide any other information requested by the Foundation pertaining to the grant, which could include a detailed accounting of the uses or expenditures of all grant funds.


You will allow the Foundation to review and approve the content of any proposed publicity concerning this grant prior to its release, and you will recognize the Foundation as a funder in all publicity, presentations and other activities related to the grant.

The Foundation may include information regarding this grant, including the amount and purpose of the grant and any other information or materials you provided about your organization, in its own publicity including, but not limited to: news releases, newsletters, annual reports and social media posts.

Right to Modify or Revoke

The Foundation reserves the right to discontinue, modify or withhold any payments to be made under this grant award or to require a total or partial refund of any grant funds if, in the Foundation’s sole discretion, such action is necessary: (1) because you have not fully complied with the terms and conditions of the grant; (2) lack of performance with grant results; (3) to protect the purpose and objectives of the grant or any other charitable activities of the Foundation; or (4) to comply with the requirements of any law or regulation applicable to you, the Foundation or the grant.

We do not utilize separate grant agreement forms. The act of accepting the grant and cashing the check serves as your organization’s agreement to adhering to these policies and expectations. If the Foundation is made aware of noncompliance through any means, an organization could be expected to return used and/or unused grant funds.

These If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Jamie Schloegel at

*Effective as of 5/24/18