Grant Policies and Expectations

Organizations that submit a grant application and/or accept a grant award from any fund at La Crosse Community Foundation agree to the following:

  • Use funds only for the purposes as described in the grant application and/or designated in the grant award letter; prior authorization is required to use grant funds for a different purpose
  • Will notify the foundation of any change in legal or tax status, changes in staff related to grant purposes, ability to expend grant funds for intended purpose, and expenditure from the grant funds for any purpose other than what the application or grant letter indicates
  • Maintain accounting records to demonstrate grant funds were used for the purpose of the grant as awarded
  • Not expend any grant funds for political or lobbying activity
  • To return any unused portion of the grant to the Foundation
  • To allow the Foundation to review and approve the content of any proposed publicity concerning this grant prior to its release
  • To recognize the foundation in all publicity related to the funded project/program
  • To allow the Foundation to include information about this grant in the Foundation’s publicity
  • To complete the required follow-up report by assigned deadline summarizing results at the end of the grant period
  • That subsequent grant payments for multi-year grant awards will not be made until the current year follow-up report is submitted and the board of directors is satisfied with the project/program’s results. The Foundation’s board of directors has the authority to cancel subsequent year payments based on lack of performance.

We do not utilize separate grant agreement forms. The act of accepting the grant and cashing the check serves as your organization’s agreement to adhering to these policies and expectations. If the Foundation is made aware of noncompliance through any means, an organization could be expected to return used and/or unused grant funds.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Katie by calling (608) 782-3223 ext. 23 or emailing