LCF and La Crosse SOUP Announces New Partnership

July 22, 2018

La Crosse Community Foundation and La Crosse SOUP announced last week a new partnership where La Crosse SOUP and its volunteers will continue its ongoing activities under the oversight and administration of the newly created La Crosse SOUP Fund at La Crosse Community Foundation.

Discussions around a potential partnership were initiated months ago as both parties saw opportunities for collaboration and enhancement of their programs.  La Crosse SOUP was looking to grow and expand services which proved difficult as a group of volunteers with no operational support.  The La Crosse Community Foundation was able to fill this gap while connecting with a new group of donors in an exciting new way.  While both La Crosse SOUP and the La Crosse Community Foundation benefit from this collaboration, the intent is that the City of La Crosse is the ultimate benefactor.

“The Foundation’s mission aligns so perfectly with the mission of La Crosse SOUP that we were eager to join forces,” says Jamie Schloegel, the Foundation’s Executive Director. “I believe this partnership will inspire and cultivate a new generation of donors in our community, which is at the core of our mission and purpose as an organization.”

“Partnering with the La Crosse Community Foundation is an exciting new venture for us.  The resources that LCF brings will allow us to focus our energies on the events which bring people together and fund creative projects which make this community better.  We are incredibly grateful to the support we have already received and look forward to years of collaboration,” said Josh Court, SOUP’s current director.

To commemorate this partnership, the Foundation awarded La Crosse SOUP with a $2,000 gift to support its activities for the next year. In future years the Foundation will help La Crosse SOUP find other sponsors to cover expenses related to their quarterly soup dinners and other activities.

About La Crosse SOUP

La Crosse SOUP’s mission is to promote community-based development through crowdfunding, creativity, collaboration, and fun. La Crosse SOUP sponsors quarterly microgranting dinners which celebrate and support exciting projects which make a positive impact on this community.