RFP – Pandemic Relief and Recovery Grant

March 23, 2021

Katie Berkedal, Program DirectorBy Katie Berkedal, Program Director

Announcing the newest pandemic response grant!

La Crosse Community Foundation is pleased to announce the new Pandemic Relief and Recovery Grant for unrestricted funding. All charitable organizations that primarily serve La Crosse County, with the exception of large public and/or charitable organizations (hospitals, city/village/town governments, county government, school districts, and universities), are eligible to apply.

Purpose of the Pandemic Relief and Recovery Grant

This grant is intended to provide unrestricted funds to nonprofit organizations who’ve lost significant revenue because of COVID-19. This grant opportunity replaces the Emergency Survival Grant created to help nonprofits at risk of not surviving the pandemic. The main differences are the Pandemic Relief and Recovery Grant is simpler to complete and does not require nonprofits be at risk of closing forever in order to apply. The hope is that this new grant program will help position nonprofits for a healthier post-pandemic future.

Grant program details:

TIMELINE: The Pandemic Relief and Recovery Grant is now open accepting applications for the April 15 and July 15 deadlines. At that time, we will reassess community need for this type of funding. Decisions will be made four weeks after each deadline.

TWO GRANT FORMS: A short mini grant form is available for requests of $5,000 or less, and another for requests over $5,000.

UNRESTRICTED: This grant program is intended to provide unrestricted funding to nonprofits.

EVALUATION: Funding decisions will be made primarily based on two factors: 1) the COVID impact on your organization’s revenue streams; and, 2) your organization’s plan for financial health moving forward.

AWARD AMOUNTS: We anticipate that grant amounts will average between $5,000 and $30,000 and we recommend applying for the amount you need.

CONSIDERATIONS: Preference will be given to nonprofits who are not well-supported by professional development staff.

ELIGIBILITY FOR OTHER LCF GRANTS: Charitable organizations may apply both for this Pandemic Relief and Recovery grant and our regular mini or standard size grant at the same time (if absolutely necessary).


Want to apply?

Click here: https://www.laxcommfoundation.com/apply/how-to-apply/

Click the links below to preview the request forms:

Pandemic Relief and Recovery Grant for requests over $5000

Mini Pandemic Relief and Recovery Grant for requests $5000 or less

Or have questions?

Contact LCF Program Director Katie Berkedal
Email: katie@laxcommfoundation.com
Phone: 608-782-3223 ext. 23
Schedule an appointment: www.calendly.com/lcfkatie