Together we can be For Good. Forever.

November 23, 2021

Jamie Schloegel, Executive DirectorBy Jamie Schloegel, Executive Director

When we give together, we do better

Are you ready to join your friends and change this community we love For Good. Forever?

For over 90 years, people like you have given to the La Crosse Community Foundation.

When I think of what this wonderful community has given to me, I think about the great schools, breathtaking landscape, world-class healthcare, safe neighborhoods, endless outdoor recreation opportunities, and so much more. What do you think of? I would guess you may think of many of the same things.

The pandemic continues to wreak havoc on our beloved community

Sadly, this way of life is at risk today more than ever before in our history. And much of what you and I love isn’t available to everyone. The health and economic effects of the pandemic are pervasive– and are deepening.

The pandemic has disproportionally impacted individuals living with mental health challenges and substance use disorders. Local arts organizations who are looking to vibrantly emerge from Covid isolation are being greeted by much smaller audiences.  Increased use of outdoor spaces has caused more trail erosion that needs to be addressed. Our local nonprofits with the expertise to help are requesting more dollars from us than ever before.

We are overwhelmed by need and not enough resources to help.

Giving today will help us build a better tomorrow

Your support today will help our friends and neighbors forever. I am asking you to consider an investment in our community through one of these easy giving options:

  1. Give to our Community Giving Fund, which serves immediate needs through a comprehensive, competitive grantmaking process led by your community peers.
  2. Give to another existing fund, like our new La Crosse Tribune Extra Effort Scholarship Fund which makes scholarships to local seniors who have overcome significant challenges in their young lives. You can search all our funds here.
  3. Or give to start a fund of your own. Each of our 290+ funds are as unique as the donor who creates it, names it, and chooses its purpose. Of course if you already have a fund of your own, you can make a contribution anytime.

We are the only foundation in the region focused on building a permanent source of community capital to benefit our community forever. Thanks to our donors, we have awarded over $72,000,000 in grants and scholarships since our founding in 1930. Your year-end gift would enable us to continue this good work with an even bigger impact.

Together we can do more

The community counts on us, and we count on you. Please join me in making a year-end gift to La Crosse Community Foundation. Together we can protect and enhance the quality of life here for everybody. Together we can do so much more than we could ever do alone. Together our community we love can be For Good. Forever.