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What it means to give to La Crosse Community Foundation

July 14, 2022

Taylor CorbettBy Taylor Corbett

As the largest and oldest grantmaking charitable organization that serves our community, we work as the liaison between donors and nonprofit organizations to ensure La Crosse County is a healthy, safe, and vibrant place to live, now and forever.

Giving to La Crosse Community Foundation

Becoming a La Crosse Community Foundation donor

Anyone can be a donor and contribute a gift, small or large, to the foundation. We work together with donors to realize their philanthropic goals, matching their interests and community needs. Donors have the ability to establish a new fund (with any amount) or give to existing funds.

Growing our investments

Donors’ gifts are the building blocks of permanent endowment funds which we invest. We use a percentage of the annual earnings from these funds to provide grants to qualified nonprofits who are meeting identified community needs.

Making grant distributions for maximum community impact

La Crosse Community Foundation has three types of grant distributions: competitive grants, noncompetitive grants, and scholarships.

Competitive grants are made from our unrestricted and field of interest funds. Local charitable organizations can apply to our quarterly grant competitions for projects, programs, and general operating expenses.  Requests are thoroughly vetted by our grant committee.

Noncompetitive grants are awarded from donor advised, designated, and agency funds. Donors can select any charitable organization in the world as the recipient.

Finally, our scholarship grants are for students seeking higher education. Scholarship awards are made to schools and awarded based on the criteria selected by the establishing donors.

Why choose La Crosse Community Foundation?

A key benefit of the community foundation model is that we can adapt to the changing needs and opportunities of the people and communities we serve. Our staff has a deep, unique understanding of our community, the ability to objectively evaluate nonprofit organizations, expertise in impactful charitable giving, and a commitment to sustainable philanthropy.

We’d love to have you be part of the La Crosse Community Foundation family, where our number one goal is to make La Crosse County a better place for all to live. If you’d like to discuss starting your own fund or how we can help to meet your philanthropic goals, please give us a call today – 608-782-3223!