Donor Stories

Jack and Marti Schwem Fund

January 22, 2018

By dsadmin

Jack and Marti Schwem established their donor advised fund – The Jack & Marti Schwem Fund – in 1999 to provide financial support for area arts, family, and healthcare focused organizations. Marti, an artist, and Jack, former CEO of Lutheran Hospital and Lutheran Health System, both shared a love of the arts and healthcare.

The St. Clare Health Mission, a volunteer-run, non-profit organization formed to bring free healthcare to low income individuals and families, is one of a number of organizations that has directly benefited from the fund. Other organizations they’ve supported include the Family & Children’s Center, Salvation Army, and Coulee Council on Addictions, all of which epitomize the fund’s goals of strengthening families and promoting overall well-being.

Marti recalls, “My husband really believed in collaborative efforts… working together on mutual projects and supporting organizations that promote ethics and justice.” The Jack & Marti Schwem Fund aims to help those most in need while advancing positive and shared community values.

Jack passed in 2008, but Marti continues to advise grants from their fund that align with their shared passions. She is looking forward to working with Foundation staff to assist her in identifying new and innovative programs and projects that help struggling children and families in our community, and advance the arts and humanities that make our area so unique.

Marti has also named the fund in her estate plans, meaning gifts from the fund will continue in the Schwem’s legacy forever.