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Coulee Council On Addictions Agency Fund

December 5, 2018

Katie Berkedal, Program DirectorBy Katie Berkedal, Program Director

Agency funds are established by community philanthropists to ensure their favorite nonprofit organizations will have ongoing financial support, forever. The Coulee Council On Addictions (CCA) Agency Fund was created for that exact purpose. CCA can enjoy a guaranteed annual distribution from this endowed fund that will only grow with continued giving.

CCA was founded in 1968 to help people struggling with addiction. CCA strives to provide confidential help to individuals and families impacted by addiction and leads the community in prevention, education, and awareness. Their vision is to aid every individual and family on their journey to recovery and beyond. In October 2005, the Coulee Council on Addictions Endowment Fund was created at La Crosse Community Foundation to support their mission, forever.

Throughout the years, CCA has helped those suffering in the community rebuild their lives and relationships as well as the opportunity to bridge the gap between recovery and awareness amongst friends and family members. CCA provides services such as weekly support group meetings, healthy activities for participants, as well as recovery resources including self-help forums, treatment locators, government agencies, and addiction-affiliated organizations.

Over the past 40 years, CCA has supported many of our friends and neighbors overcome their biggest struggles with addiction and supports them in recovery. That’s why La Crosse Community Foundation is proud to make sure their endowment fund continues to allow this agency to do good, forever.