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Donor Stories

Marian Mieden Early Childhood Education Scholarship

September 23, 2021

Sherry Beames, Office ManagerBy Sherry Beames, Office Manager

The Marian Mieden Early Childhood Education Scholarship was established as a memorial to her. Her passion in life was to educate young children. This scholarship was established in 2009, in order to continue her work in preparing and developing early childhood educators.  Marian worked teaching kindergarten in the Onalaska School District and at the UW-L Campus School. She was involved in the Onalaska District for 38 years as a teacher and school board member. Marian started the first formal Day Care Center in the La Crosse area. She worked with both UW-L and Viterbo assisting with the programs for educating teachers of young children. During her career she helped to develop many student teachers specializing in early childhood education. And so… with this scholarship her passion for teaching young children continues.