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Nonprofits Seeking Board Members Intake Form

Nonprofit Info Form for Board Member Matching Program

Nonprofit organizations who are looking to advertise open board positions through La Crosse Community Foundation's Board Member Matching Program should complete the following form. We will use the information entered below to create your organizational profile on our Board Member Matching Program webpage. Your post will stay active for six months, and can be renewed one time for a maximum of one year. Individuals who are interested in serving on your board will complete our "Board Member Candidate Interest Form," which we will forward to the contact person identified below. If the candidate is what your organization is looking for, you will follow-up with them directly. If we have any questions after reviewing your form, we will reach out to you. If not, we will post your board position on the Board Member Matching Program web page within two weeks.

About your organization...

Type of charitable status(Required)

Address (must be in La Crosse County)(Required)
Enter the amount of your organization's annual budget. List revenue source types (i.e. fee for service, individual contributions, government grants, etc.)
For example, if you have a full time person, and one part time person working 20 hours a week, your response would be 1.5 FTE
Contact name(Required)

What your organization is looking for in a board member

Skills desired in a board member (check all that apply)(Required)
If you'd like to provide more detail about what your organization is looking for in a board member, please provide that information here.

General board information and time commitments

Board member giving requirement(Required)
Committee service requirement(Required)
Policies - please select all that your organization has
Does your nonprofit carry Directors & Officer's insurance?(Required)
Does your organization have a board orientation program?(Required)