Ronald & Valerie Burman Fund for Visual Arts

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February 23, 2023

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Arts & HumanitiesArts & Humanities

This fund was established by Ron Burman, in memory of his beloved wife Valerie, to support the Coulee Region Alliance for the Visual Arts, Inc. with the aim to support scholarships for school-age (grades 6-12) area children who are inspiring visual artists. Valerie was a local visual artist and teacher. Ron hopes this fund helps lift up other young inspiring artists to pursue their dreams of a professional career in art, and also to support a healthy local art economy. Scholarship support is awarded through a fair and competitive process each year, and can be used for the following purposes:

A. gift cards to purchase art supplies

B. memberships to local art museums and galleries

C. art classes for the child and parent to attend together

D. paid mentorship/artist in residence experience with a local professional artist

E. stipend for a parent and child to purchase together original local art from locally owned galleries