La Crosse County Emergency Response Fund activated in response to COVID-19. More details here.

Current Nonprofit Needs List

Local nonprofit organizations can submit a request for funding of special projects in this online nonprofit needs list. The current ‘wishes’ are listed below.

If you’re interested in supporting one of these worthy causes, please give us a call at (608) 782-3223.


Amount: $750

La Crosse Symphony Orchestra

Symphony for Youth concert is usually a live concert that many elementary students in La Crosse get to enjoy in the spring. This year, the concert is being live-streamed only. We have also added a series of 5 educational videos to prepare the students to experience the symphony as well as learn about the four music groups in the symphony. We offer special district pricing so that it is affordable for schools to be able to attend. Even so, money can be hard to come by this year. We are asking for $750 so we can offer all of the elementary schools in the school district of La Crosse the 2021 Symphony for Youth Concert and educational videos (which were created through a La Crosse County Arts Grant) this spring.

Submitted: 2/22/2021


Amount: $50 – $500

La Crosse County Health Department – For Goodness Sake Holiday Project

The For Goodness Sake Holiday Project is an invitation only holiday gift program coordinated by La Crosse County for current clients working with staff in the Health and/or Human Services Departments.

The FGS Holiday Project coordinator will connect with Health & Human Services staff starting in September so staff can identify current clients to invite to participate, prioritizing those that will likely go without.   Once staff chooses clients to participate in the Holiday FGS project, they work to identify needs (clothing, household items, etc) and return participation forms to the Project Coordinator.

The Project Coordinator is able to match clients with community members/groups/businesses/etc (sponsors) who will get a copy of their needs & wish list.  The sponsors are able to use this list as a guide to purchasing new gifts that will be given to the client and/or family the week before Christmas. These are only suggestions, sponsors determine how much & what they purchase as well as how much they spend.  After sponsors have purchased their gifts, they should wrap the items and label with the appropriate assigned client code and return to La Crosse County’s HHS Building during designated drop off dates/times.   Staff then works to get the gifts to the client(s)/family.  This project serves 800-1000 clients annually.

Because the La Crosse Community has various Holiday type projects (invitation only as well as self-referral projects) we work to avoid duplication by cross referencing names with other agencies therefore being able to serve more community members in need.

Ways to participate:

  • Sponsor an individual or family
  • Donate cash or gift cards to be used for those not sponsored at the end of the project
  • Collect hotel sized hygiene items (shampoo, lotion, bar soap, body wash) to be distributed throughout the year
  • See a deal too good to pass up?  Purchase items to be used for those not sponsored at the end of the project.

Submitted: 11/11/2020


Amount: $1,200

Causeway Caregivers

Causeway Caregivers is in need of upgrading our accounting software. Even utilizing the TechSoup app, the accounting software pricing is $598.19 + tax. With the addition of the OASIS Respite Program, and maintaining reports of grantors, our current accounting software cannot provide the features needed by our treasurer and accountant. The remaining $570 would be used to upgrade our printer to an All-In-One, which features copy, scan, fax, duplex print and color. After these purchases, any remaining funds would be applied to purchasing the toner for the printer. Thank you for your consideration.

Submitted: 11/10/2020


Amount: $2,500

La Crosse Chamber Chorale

The La Crosse Chamber Chorale is a volunteer, community based choir whose singers are united by a love of choral singing. The Chorale was founded in 1986. We bring professional quality choral music, artistic excellence & creative programming to the area.

The pandemic caused the cancellation of our last 2 concerts in April & the loss of our major fundraiser in May. We recently had to make the painful decision to cancel our 2020-21 season because of the uptick in Covid cases in our area. We felt it was the only way to insure our singers & audience members could be kept safe.

The majority of our audience members are elderly, many with health & accessibility issues. They look forward to getting out to listen to our concerts. For many of them, this is one of the few times they do get out & about-they look forward to seeing people they may only get to see when they attend concerts. Some audience members don’t always have family members that come to visit them, & are very isolated & lonely.

Music is scientifically proven to lift mood, ease pain, reduces anxiety, stress & depression, helps w/memory issues, rhythmic cues can help retrain the brain after a stroke or other neurological impairment, + so many more benefits of music.

We are looking for funding to create virtual concerts that we can upload to our YouTube channel to share w/our audiences until we can perform in person again. The funds would help pay for recording of video & sound engineering while keeping everyone safe.

Submitting: 10/20/2020


Amount: $1,000 – $1,500

Casa Hogar and Fr. Joe’s Legacy Guild

We are requesting several gifts between $1,000-$1,500 to help fund the purchase of new virtual learning equipment. Casa Hogar is the mission outreach of the Fr. Joe Walijewski Legacy Guild and the Diocese of La Crosse. In February 2020, we took in 17 new children bringing our total to 72 children who call Casa their home. Over the years, we have provided many children with a safe and caring environment in the family-based model, where they gain the confidence to develop skills that empower and enable them for a more promising future. Through the help of on-site volunteers and benefactors across the greater La Crosse area, these visitors return home to the La Crosse area to help serve their communities in a variety of ways. As the central hub for an association of 19 orphanages and local service homes, Casa Hogar also aims to impact the community beyond just our children.

Due to the global pandemic, the community at Casa Hogar has been in lockdown since March. We have limited staff permitted to work by the government and the family teachers are doing all they can to keep the kids academically engaged, active and healthy. However, with 72 children we do not have nearly enough technology supplies to support zoom classes, televised classes, and printed worksheets. We are hoping to purchase several additional used computers, tablets, and printers so the kids can continue to learn! Thank you in advance for your consideration!

Submitted: 9/22/2020


Amount: $2,500

La Crosse Area Family YMCA

The Community Food Forest in La Crosse at the Dahl YMCA is a community space, thus all are welcome. We have many fruit trees and herbs that are available on a first-come, first-serve basis. Coulee Region Ecoscapes oversees the maintenance of the Food Forest. They have done a remarkable job creating a beautiful outdoor “escape”. Currently, we have some benches available for seating, but no picnic tables. Our vision is to have two picnic tables surrounded by fruit trees. The fruit trees will be planted this fall, however, we are short on the funding for the picnic tables. With the help of Coulee Region Ecoscapes, we have chosen a concrete picnic table that is handicapped accessible- again, creating a space for ALL. We host different activities and programs out in this space and I would love the opportunity for more opportunities with picnic tables. The community is always welcome in the Food Forest and the picnic tables would be such a great addition. I see many picnics taking place, programming happening on the tables, school-age care and after school kids clubs utilizing them, staff utilizing for breaks, and even using them for outdoor meetings to be safer due to COVID. Now, more than ever, we know the importance of being outside and getting some fresh air. The addition of these two picnic tables would be so beneficial. We have them priced out at around $1000 each plus shipping.

Submitted: 9/2/2020


Amount requested: $1,000

La Crosse Public Education Foundation

School District of La Crosse students are schooling at home due to COVID-19 and many of them cannot afford art supplies and so are unable to participate in on-line art classes. LPEF is seeking $1,000 to create 50 art supply kits for students to check-out for a quarter and return for another student to use the next quarter. Your help is appreciated to help bridge the equity gap and enable all students to be able to be creative and participate in art classes.

Submitted: 9/1/2020


Amount requested: $400

Heart2Heart Pet Lifeline, Inc

Recognizing the healing power of companion animals, Heart2Heart Pet Lifeline’s mission is to keep pets out of shelters and in loving homes by providing financial help for veterinary care and temporary emergency pet boarding. We serve income eligible pet owners in La Crosse County by providing grants averaging $400 per person. Most applicants are referred by a veterinarian or an animal shelter. Census and pet ownership estimates show that 3200 La Crosse County households with pets live in poverty.

If your life has been made brighter by a companion animal, you know how much pets give us: love, laughter, better health. The most careful and caring pet owner can face financial hardships. When pet owners cannot afford vet expenses, they see two choices: surrender their pet to already crowded rescues or keep their beloved animal at home, where the animal may suffer and pay the cost with poor health. We offer an alternative that helps the pet, the family and our animal welfare community.

Your donation helps us make the world a better place, one pet at a time.

Submitted: 08/18/2020


Amount requested: $2,500

Friends of the Coulee Region Retired and Senior Volunteer Program Inc (Coulee Region RSVP)

The Handyman Program provides the services necessary to enhance the quality of life for limited-income senior homeowners age 55 and older residing in La Crosse County. The goal of the program is to help seniors live safely and independently in their own homes, allowing them to continue to be a viable part of the community. The homeowner is asked to purchase the item(s) that need fixing, many times our handymen are using local resources such as Restore to assist them in saving money. Typically, there are about half of these homeowners who can not afford the item and we pick up the cost for them. The cost of labor is always free, as our skilled volunteer handymen and women donate their time.
Below are some examples:
• Repair minor electrical/ plumbing problems, repair or replace door handles or deadbolts, replace thermostats/ furnace filter, install grab bars & non-flip surfaces in bathroom, install/remove air conditioners, install/replace batteries in a smoke detector, change light bulbs & repair stair treads. This list is representative, not exhaustive. We may do minor repairs not on the list, depending on what is needed. We would like to use some of the fund to purchase gift cards for our Handyman to the following stores: Ace Hardware, Home Depot and Menards. They would be able to purchase items for those individuals who cannot afford the item needed to be fixed. We also would want the ability for them to purchase items that need replacement from their personal tools.

Submitted: 7/9/20

Amount requested: $500

The Parenting Place

Donor advisors passionate about supporting parents experiencing poverty and its complicating factors can provide funds to stock our Diaper Bank with the sizes parents need most.

The Parenting Place’s Diaper Bank gives any parent or caregiver access to free diapers when they have a need, putting into action the findings of a study published in Pediatrics (July, 29, 2013) showing that “an adequate supply of diapers may prove a tangible way of reducing parenting stress, a critical factor influencing child health and development.”

The Diaper Bank is stocked primarily by donations from generous individuals and businesses hosting diaper drives throughout the community. As an example of Diaper Bank need, in June of 2019, 2,745 diapers were distributed to parents. We find parents’ need for certain diaper sizes (size 6 in particular) often outpaces donations. By donating funds to the Diaper Bank so that high-demand sizes can be purchased, you’ll be ensuring that parents can find the sizes they need, every time.

Your gift of any amount can be used to purchase diapers, and donations of $2,000 or greater would allow us to pursue the possibility of bulk purchasing options at significant savings.

Submitted: 2/5/2020