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Current Community Needs Wish List

Local nonprofit organizations can submit a request for funding of special projects in this online NPO Wish List. The current ‘wishes’ are listed below.

If you’re interested in supporting one of these worthy causes, please give us a call at (608) 782-3223.

Amount requested: $2,500

Downtown Neighborhood Association

The Downtown Neighborhood Association is revitalizing Burns Park, La Crosse’s oldest park located at 7th & Main, in partnership with the City of La Crosse Parks, Recreation, & Forestry Department. Ground will break in early summer 2020 with a project completion goal of fall 2020.

Currently, we have raised roughly $475,000 of our estimated $504,000 project. In an effort to fully realize our vision for the park, we have launched a fundraiser in partnership with Park Bank. Park Bank has generously offered to match all individual donations up to $250 for a total matching opportunity of $15,000.

We are excited to see Burns Park reinvigorated as a modern village square. Imagine a park filled with children laughing during storytime, friends enjoying outdoor music and art, neighbors meeting up for a picnic or to catch an outdoor movie. Whether its fitness classes or book clubs, lunch breaks or play dates, Burns Park will be full of new life and new energy.

Your donation will support the installation of a shaded programming space, a thoughtful playscape for children, community chess tables, and native plantings. Furthermore, your support will make it possible for our community partners, such as the La Crosse Public Library, Three Rivers House, and La Crosse Parks & Recreation, among others, to host unique community programming.

We hope you will help us create a space where everyone in our diverse community will feel welcome.

Submittted: 5/14/2020

Amount requested: $1,000

Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II-Legacy Guild

Casa Hogar and Father Joe Walijewski Legacy Guild are a direct mission of the Diocese of La Crosse. We are a family based home for children located outside Lima, Peru and requesting several donations of $1,000-$1,500 for the addition of new children. Casa Hogar leads 19 local youth homes or services who share resources, collaboration and distribute powdered milk from Wisconsin. We work with graduates to help them build skills, develop confidence and create opportunity for their future after leaving. Furthermore, we support the local staff members and their families to ensure long-term stability. Each year over 200 students, adults and community members from greater La Crosse visit either as volunteers or on Mission Trips and in turn return home with a better perspective to serve their local community.

Recently, another home was forced to close and Casa Hogar welcomed 18 new children, bringing our total to 72 kids and opening a need to create a 9th family. We are so thankful to be able to give these children a loving and supportive home though it has provided increased costs for schooling, housing renovations, health care and staff support. There are many changes with the current COVID-19 Pandemic and the staff members are working hard to ensure the children stay healthy, active and educationally engaged. With limited access to technology equipment, we are facing many challenges to keep up with academic needs. Additional funding will allow us to help all of our children.

Submitted: May 4, 2020

Amount requested: $400

Heart2Heart Pet Lifeline, Inc.

Recognizing the healing power of companion animals, Heart2Heart Pet Lifeline’s mission is to keep pets out of shelters and in loving homes by providing financial help for veterinary care. We serve income eligible pet owners in La Crosse County by providing grants averaging $400 per person. Most applicants are referred by a veterinarian or an animal shelter. Census and pet ownership estimates show that 3200 La Crosse County households with pets live in poverty.

If your life has been made brighter by a companion animal, you know how much pets give us: love, laughter, better health. The most careful and caring pet owner can face financial hardships. When pet owners cannot afford vet expenses, they see two choices: surrender their pet to already crowded rescues or keep their beloved animal at home, where the animal may suffer and pay the cost with poor health. We offer an alternative that helps the pet, the family and our animal welfare community.

Your donation helps us make the world a better place, one pet at a time.

Submitted: 4/7/2020

All Abilities Trane Park Project

To build the region’s first all abilities park; specially designed to bring together children, families, and loved ones of all ages and ability levels to enjoy the many benefits of outdoor play and recreation.

For an individual with a physical challenge, finding a park or playground that can be at least partially accommodating has become easier in recent years. However, for an individual with cognitive, sensory or other physical challenges, there remains no park in the state of Wisconsin designed to meet their specific needs.

This population is significant – an estimated 12,190 people over the age of 5 have a disability in La Crosse County. That is 12% of the population.

Children and adults with special needs benefit from an enclosed play environment where they can safely explore and play with others of varied abilities. The All Abilities Trane Park Project will be designed to be fun and accessible; a community within a community that can bring together individuals of all ages – from toddlers to seniors – and all abilities to experience the simple, everyday joy of outside play.

Submitted: 3/10/2020

Amount requested: $50-$500

La Crosse SOUP

SOUP is a microgranting dinner celebrating and supporting creative projects in La Crosse. La Crosse SOUP’s mission is to promote community-based development through crowdfunding, creativity, collaboration, trust and fun. We value community, creativity, collaboration, change, trust and fun. Gifts support creative projects chosen by receiving the most votes at La Crosse SOUP events.  Past projects include: Showing Up for Racial Justice Barrier Busters Fund, Monofilament fishing line recycling tubes, training for an Educational Facility Dog (a school service dog) at North Woods Elementary, Family & Children’s Center’s totes full of essential basic supplies to set up a new household for foster children transitioning out of the foster care system, and many others.

Submitted: 3/10/2020

Amount requested: $100-$500

Cia Siab Inc

Working to build a culturally vibrant Hmoob community by providing holistic and culturally-specific services with an emphasis on Hmoob language revitalization. In our work, we maintain Cia Siab, Inc. through the four pillars of hope. We understand that our work has to be holistic, address the needs of the community, as well as the root causes of violence, and build leadership skills and positive cultural identity in order to change the hearts and minds of our people. Ongoing gifts help Cia Siab with general operational costs of  their mission.

Submitted: 3/10/2020

Amount requested: $2,500

La Crosse Public Education Foundation

Many students at Lincoln Middle School live in apartments and don’t have the opportunity to grow their own food. Therefore, Lincoln would like to purchase a “Flex Farm” self-contained hydroponic system for growing leafy vegetables and herbs in the classroom. A Flex Farm provides kids the opportunity to learn about agriculture and healthy eating habits. It takes up less than 10 square feet of space and grows 144 plants at a time, producing 28 pounds of leafy greens in 28 days.

Submitted: 3/4/2020

Amount requested: $2,062.50

Family and Children’s Center

As youth transition out of foster care and into adulthood, their responsibilities to become more independent and organized drastically increases. We were given an initial supply of a resource binder as a gift from the DCF, Department of Children & Families, to use as a tool to assist youth in their transition. These binders have proven to be a successful tool for our clients. After nearly exhausting our initial gift, additional binders have to be purchased by our agency. The binder provides foster-informed guidance and space to organize important documents (birth certificate, insurance information, school applications, finances, advocacy, self-care etc.) that youth need for court, education, and the transition into adulthood. It provides a safe place to store court documents, case planning notes, contact information, resources, records, events and even keepsakes. It helps the youth to be more engaged in their case plan. We would like to purchase 75 of the binders that cost $27.50 each. They are a three-ring binder with a protective binder flap that keeps contents secure. We are grateful for your consideration.

Submitted: 2/26/2020

Amount requested: $2,500

Habitat for Humanity La Crosse Area

2020 Faith Build partnership with Thrivent Financial. We are seeking matching funds from the Faith community to build a home for a family in need. We have a lot purchased and are bringing people of all faiths to come together and provide a family with a place to call home. Thrivent has given $87,500 to cover half of the cost and the other half needs to come from the Faith Community in the La Crosse Area. We are raising walls, funds and prayers to make this happen before the end of 2020! Can we count on your support?

Submitted: 2/13/2020

Amount requested: $500

The Parenting Place

Donor advisors passionate about supporting parents experiencing poverty and its complicating factors can provide funds to stock our Diaper Bank with the sizes parents need most.

The Parenting Place’s Diaper Bank gives any parent or caregiver access to free diapers when they have a need, putting into action the findings of a study published in Pediatrics (July, 29, 2013) showing that “an adequate supply of diapers may prove a tangible way of reducing parenting stress, a critical factor influencing child health and development.”

The Diaper Bank is stocked primarily by donations from generous individuals and businesses hosting diaper drives throughout the community. As an example of Diaper Bank need, in June of 2019, 2,745 diapers were distributed to parents. We find parents’ need for certain diaper sizes (size 6 in particular) often outpaces donations. By donating funds to the Diaper Bank so that high-demand sizes can be purchased, you’ll be ensuring that parents can find the sizes they need, every time.

Your gift of any amount can be used to purchase diapers, and donations of $2,000 or greater would allow us to pursue the possibility of bulk purchasing options at significant savings.

Submitted: 2/5/2020

Amount requested:  $2,000

The Parenting Place

Donors passionate about supporting parents experiencing poverty and its complicating factors can provide funds for one or more meals during our Dinner & Diapers programs with gifts of $500-$2000.

Dinner & Diapers provides a meal, free diapers, social supports, and parent education for families who use our Diaper Bank. We aim to host several Dinner & Diapers events a year and the meal cost for each event is approximately $500 to feed approximately 50 people.

Our Diaper Bank gives any parent access to free diapers when they have a need, putting into action the findings of a study published in Pediatrics (7/29/13) showing that “an adequate supply of diapers may prove a tangible way of reducing parenting stress, a critical factor influencing child health and development.” Parents using the Diaper Bank typically do not use other The Parenting Place supports such as parent-child play groups, parent support groups, or evidence-based parenting classes.

Dinner & Diapers aims to provide greater hospitality and connection to these families, by providing a forum to build social supports, and offering small, usable bits of evidence-based parent education. Parents attending Dinner & Diapers often identify as representing disadvantaged populations: people of color, people experiencing poverty, single parents, grandparents or relatives serving as custodial caregivers, blended and step-families, teen parents, and religious minorities.

Submitted:  2/5/2020

Franciscan Spirituality Center

Amount requested:  $750

Depression Anonymous is a 12-step group for those dealing with depression to generate positive energies, form friendships and find support. Weekly meetings. (Freewill offering, FSC absorbs costs to provide program, which is why we seek 2020 program support.

Submitted: 1/30/2020

Franciscan Spirituality Center

Amount requested:  $1,500

The Sound of Bowls. Tibetan singing bowls produce sounds that invoke deep states of relaxation, naturally assisting one in entering expanded states of consciousness and meditation. Offered monthly. We accept a freewill offering and FSC absorbs costs to provide program. Seeking support for 2020.

Submitted:  1/30/2020

La Crosse Public Education Foundation

Amount requested:  $2,500

LPEF is seeking $2500 to go towards the purchase of performance risers for the Logan Middle School show choir program. Logan has a very active show choir and its auditorium is one of the main performance venues. However risers are currently transported to Logan immediately prior to the event, which does not allow time for the Logan students to use them during rehearsals. Having their own risers would increase Logan Middle School student confidence and performance skills as they sing, dance and are expressive while moving about in costumes, and dress shoes on the riser steps.

Submitted: 1/14/2020

La Crosse County Historical Society

Amount requested:  $960

LCHS is seeking funding for two iPads and floor stands to use in interactive exhibitions. Visitors will be able to pull up more information about artifacts and stories, and students can easily search for the information they need for class research.

Submitted:  12/26/2019


La Crosse Public Education Foundation

Amount requested: $2,400

LPEF is seeking $2400 to purchase a sport wheelchair to be used in physical education classes at the School District of La Crosse. Students with disabilities learn new skills in various sports for a lifetime of physical activity and fitness. The sport wheelchairs are also used for inclusive and awareness activities for non-disability students such as wheelchair basketball and navigating through daily tasks in a wheelchair.

Submitted: 10/02/2019