Current Community Needs Wishlist

We are trying something new at LCF! Local nonprofit organizations can now submit a request for funding of special projects in our new online NPO Wishlist. The current ‘wishes’ are listed below.

If you’re interested in supporting one of these worthy causes, please give us a call at (608) 782-3223.

La Crosse Public Education Foundation

Amount requested;  $2,500.00

LPEF is seeking $2500 to go towards the purchase of performance risers for the Logan Middle School show choir program. Logan has a very active show choir and its auditorium is one of the main performance venues. However risers are currently transported to Logan immediately prior to the event, which does not allow time for the Logan students to use them during rehearsals. Having their own risers would increase Logan Middle School student confidence and performance skills as they sing, dance and are expressive while moving about in costumes, and dress shoes on the riser steps.

Submitted: 1/14/2020

La Crosse County Historical Society

Amount requested:  $960.00

LCHS is seeking funding for two iPads and floor stands to use in interactive exhibitions. Visitors will be able to pull up more information about artifacts and stories, and students can easily search for the information they need for class research.

Submitted:  12/26/2019

First Teen Clothes Closet

Amount requested: $2,500

Back-To-School Shoes For Teens
Each year, the First Teen Clothes Closet partners with the Children’s Clothes Closet and Trinity Lutheran Church for their North Side block party and shoe distribution. In 2019, we provided 170 teens and older children with new athletic shoes for “back to school” in sizes 7 through 13. The teens served represented nearly every middle school and high school in La Crosse County, with some coming from surrounding counties as well. These new shoes ensure that young people return to school with shoes that fit and are suitable for PE classes, which are mandatory at many grades. Funds would be used to purchase new shoes for the August event, as well as to meet specific needs that arise in the early weeks of the new school year (such as for unusually large sizes – we purchased one pair of size 16 athletic shoes for a young man this year).
First Teen Clothes Closet also offers teens clothing, shoes, accessories, and toiletries year-round through Monday night open shopping hours and individual or group appointments.

Submitted: 10/14/19

La Crosse Public Education Foundation

Amount requested: $2,400

LPEF is seeking $2400 to purchase a sport wheelchair to be used in physical education classes at the School District of La Crosse. Students with disabilities learn new skills in various sports for a lifetime of physical activity and fitness. The sport wheelchairs are also used for inclusive and awareness activities for non-disability students such as wheelchair basketball and navigating through daily tasks in a wheelchair.

Submitted: 10/02/2019


The Hunger Task Force of La Crosse

Amount requested: $2,500

The Hunger Task Force is the area’s only Free and Local food bank. We differ from a food pantry in that we stock the shelves of the food programs and they, in turn, serve individuals. Food banks play a part in addressing food waste while also helping people in need. Our central location makes food distribution more efficient. With our industrial-sized walk-in cooler and freezers, we take the burden off of smaller programs by providing the capacity to accept large bulk loads of donated foods. Programs then come to our warehouse when they are in need of food items.

We have a list of over 400 active donors from distributors to grocers. All product is weighed, documented and stored safely until food pantries and meal sites request food product. Distribution pounds and to which recipient program it is going to is also documented.

We have an urgent need for a weighing pallet scale. Our donations come in on pallets, sometimes 10-15 pallets at a time. Being able to weigh an entire pallet of the same item would take hours off of the time it would take to check in a donated load individually.

An investment in our work and food bank will serve more than 275,000 people in need this year.

Submitted:  09/25/19

Heart2Heart Pet Lifeline, Inc.

Amount requested: $350.00

Recognizing the healing power of companion animals, Heart2Heart Pet Lifeline’s mission is to keep pets out of shelters and in loving homes by providing financial help for veterinary care. We serve income eligible pet owners in La Crosse County by providing grants averaging $350 per person. Most applicants are referred by a veterinarian or an animal shelter. Census and pet ownership estimates show that 3200 La Crosse County households with pets live in poverty.

If your life has been made brighter by a companion animal, you know how much pets give us: love, laughter, better health. The most careful and caring pet owner can face financial hardships. When pet owners cannot afford vet expenses, they see two choices: surrender their pet to already crowded rescues or keep their beloved animal at home, where the animal may suffer and pay the cost with poor health. We offer an alternative that helps the pet, the family and our animal welfare community.

Submitted: 9/16/19