Current Community Needs Wishlist

We are trying something new at LCF! Local nonprofit organizations can now submit a request for funding of special projects in our new online NPO Wishlist. The current ‘wishes’ are listed below.

If you’re interested in supporting one of these worthy causes, please give us a call at (608) 782-3223.

First Teen Clothes Closet

Amount requested: $2,500

Back-To-School Shoes For Teens
Each year, the First Teen Clothes Closet partners with the Children’s Clothes Closet and Trinity Lutheran Church for their North Side block party and shoe distribution. In 2019, we provided 170 teens and older children with new athletic shoes for “back to school” in sizes 7 through 13. The teens served represented nearly every middle school and high school in La Crosse County, with some coming from surrounding counties as well. These new shoes ensure that young people return to school with shoes that fit and are suitable for PE classes, which are mandatory at many grades. Funds would be used to purchase new shoes for the August event, as well as to meet specific needs that arise in the early weeks of the new school year (such as for unusually large sizes – we purchased one pair of size 16 athletic shoes for a young man this year).
First Teen Clothes Closet also offers teens clothing, shoes, accessories, and toiletries year-round through Monday night open shopping hours and individual or group appointments.

Submitted: 10/14/19

La Crosse Public Education Foundation

Amount requested: $2,400

LPEF is seeking $2400 to purchase a sport wheelchair to be used in physical education classes at the School District of La Crosse. Students with disabilities learn new skills in various sports for a lifetime of physical activity and fitness. The sport wheelchairs are also used for inclusive and awareness activities for non-disability students such as wheelchair basketball and navigating through daily tasks in a wheelchair.

Submitted: 10/02/2019

Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II-Diocese of La Crosse

Amount requested: $500.00

Casa Hogar is youth home in Peru with the mission of delivering high quality care in a family environment. We are seeking multiple donations at varying levels to allow and enable us to provide a family, faith and hope for the future to children who have been faced with extreme poverty and adverse backgrounds.

There are 64 children and 8 families who call Casa Hogar home, ages 5-17. We are unique from the traditional orphanage model, providing children a safe and caring environment, gaining the confidence to develop skills that empower and enable them for a more promising future. As the hub for an association of 19 orphanages and local service homes, Casa Hogar also aims to impact the community beyond our children. Through a global network of volunteers around the world, our goal is to engage, integrate and uplift the local community while allowing our children not only to survive, but to thrive. We are a direct Mission of Diocese of LaCrosse and host 200 yearly visitors on trips. Acting upon the needs witnessed through their experiences, upon returning home these missionaries bring a new perspective and ability to take action in their own communities focused on social and economic changes.

Funds provided will help to grow our Project of Life Program focused on preparing children to enter the workforce, trade or higher education for a smoother transition and higher success rate. They will also impact the direct care of providing health, food and education.

Submitted: 9/26/19

The Hunger Task Force of La Crosse

Amount requested: $2,500

The Hunger Task Force is the area’s only Free and Local food bank. We differ from a food pantry in that we stock the shelves of the food programs and they, in turn, serve individuals. Food banks play a part in addressing food waste while also helping people in need. Our central location makes food distribution more efficient. With our industrial-sized walk-in cooler and freezers, we take the burden off of smaller programs by providing the capacity to accept large bulk loads of donated foods. Programs then come to our warehouse when they are in need of food items.

We have a list of over 400 active donors from distributors to grocers. All product is weighed, documented and stored safely until food pantries and meal sites request food product. Distribution pounds and to which recipient program it is going to is also documented.

We have an urgent need for a weighing pallet scale. Our donations come in on pallets, sometimes 10-15 pallets at a time. Being able to weigh an entire pallet of the same item would take hours off of the time it would take to check in a donated load individually.

An investment in our work and food bank will serve more than 275,000 people in need this year.

Submitted:  09/25/19

Heart2Heart Pet Lifeline, Inc.

Amount requested: $350.00

Recognizing the healing power of companion animals, Heart2Heart Pet Lifeline’s mission is to keep pets out of shelters and in loving homes by providing financial help for veterinary care. We serve income eligible pet owners in La Crosse County by providing grants averaging $350 per person. Most applicants are referred by a veterinarian or an animal shelter. Census and pet ownership estimates show that 3200 La Crosse County households with pets live in poverty.

If your life has been made brighter by a companion animal, you know how much pets give us: love, laughter, better health. The most careful and caring pet owner can face financial hardships. When pet owners cannot afford vet expenses, they see two choices: surrender their pet to already crowded rescues or keep their beloved animal at home, where the animal may suffer and pay the cost with poor health. We offer an alternative that helps the pet, the family and our animal welfare community.

Submitted: 9/16/19

La Crosse Public Education Foundation

Amount requested: $250.00

The La Crosse Public Education Foundation is seeking $250 to purchase 25 copies of the book “The Latehomecomer” to be read and discussed by the staff of Northside Elementary School. In this book, Kao Kalia Yang shares her family memoir about Hmong culture and their journey to America. This cultural learning experience will result in an increased understanding of and responsiveness to Northside’s Hmong students and their families. Twenty percent of the students at Northside are Hmong.

Submitted:  9/10/2019

La Crosse Chamber Chorale Inc.

Amount requested: $2,500

Orchestras and chamber chorales need to purchase the music they will play/sing. Some music is not allowed to be purchased to use again, it’s only allowed to be rented, so in order for us to get new and beautiful music we must continue to find ways to raise funds to purchase it. We are also looking for ways to pay our guest artists. Bringing in high caliber musicians and singers to accompany our choir is another way we would be using the funds we are requesting. A large portion of our audiences are currently elderly and for some of them this is their only opportunity to get out and socialize. Music brings joy, helps with mental wellness, and improves mood. Studies show that listening to music can benefit overall well-being, help regulate emotions, and create happiness and relaxation in everyday life. It reduces stress. Lessens anxiety. Improves memory. Helps improve/ease pain. Provides comfort. Improves cognition. We would be forever grateful for assistance with funding to continue to keep to grow and enhance our organization and to provide superior entertainment for our audiences. Thank you for considering our organization. We’d love to have you check out our concerts for yourself!

Submitted: 9/4/2019

La Crosse Public Education Foundation – Black Youth Summit

Amount requested: $2,500

The La Crosse Public Education Foundation is seeking $2,500 to help fund the Black Youth Summit occurring on November 9, 2019. Since 2016 the School District of La Crosse has hosted the Black Youth Summit that 100+ students attend. The Summit is a one-day event that was established to provide more opportunities for middle and high school students that identify as black, bi-racial, and multi-racial with black being one of their racial identities. The Summit focuses on areas of building self-confidence, academic excellence, and community involvement all rooted in a social justice lens. The focus areas of the Summit allow students to develop their own identities and build community among their peers. Funding for the program is needed for advertisement, supplies, and to bring in multiple guest speakers of diverse backgrounds that will facilitate breakout sessions through a conference style program.

Submitted: 9/02/2019

La Crosse County Historical Society-Enduring Families Project

Amount requested: $2,500

We are requesting funds to create a video for The Enduring Families (EFP).
Using local African-American actors, the EFP performs live re-enactments of the lives of the La Crosse area African-American historical figures. The purpose of this Project is to bring to light this nearly invisible history illustrating the contributions, struggles, and perseverance of these people. Creating venues to foster pride, resiliency, feelings of belonging in our multi-ethnic community is the mission of the EFP. One A-A mother said, “If you can not see yourself in the past, you can not imagine your future”.
An important component is bringing this history to the Public Schools which was accomplished last year at the Middle School level where ALL of the students attended performances.
The EFP has been invited by Sandy Brauer, Principal of North Woods International School and head of K-12 Social Studies, to contribute to the rewriting of the La Crosse School social study curriculum. In Sandy’s words, “Our vision is for all students in the School District of La Crosse to see themselves in the curriculum, and ultimately, to succeed in our increasingly diverse nation and world.” They will use this video in the curriculum.
The county and city libraries will use the video for schools, programming and in their circulation.
Area historical societies, community groups, religious organization have agreed to use this video.

Submitted:  August 17,2019

The Parenting Place

Amount requested: $500

Donor advisors passionate about supporting parents experiencing poverty and its complicating factors can provide funds to stock our Diaper Bank with the sizes parents need most.

The Parenting Place’s Diaper Bank gives any parent or caregiver access to free diapers when they have a need, putting into action the findings of a study published in Pediatrics (July, 29, 2013) showing that “an adequate supply of diapers may prove a tangible way of reducing parenting stress, a critical factor influencing child health and development.”

The Diaper Bank is stocked primarily by donations from generous individuals and businesses hosting diaper drives throughout the community. As an example of Diaper Bank need, in June of 2019, 2,745 diapers were distributed to parents. We find parents’ need for certain diaper sizes (size 6 in particular) often outpaces donations. By donating funds to the Diaper Bank so that high-demand sizes can be purchased, you’ll be ensuring that parents can find the sizes they need, every time.

Your gift of any amount can be used to purchase diapers, and donations of $2,000 or greater would allow us to pursue the possibility of bulk purchasing options at significant savings.

Submitted: 7/22/19

The Parenting Place

Amount requested: $2,000

Donors passionate about supporting parents experiencing poverty and its complicating factors can provide funds for one or more meals during our Dinner & Diapers programs with gifts of $500-$2000.

Dinner & Diapers provides a meal, free diapers, social supports, and parent education for families who use our Diaper Bank. We aim to host several Dinner & Diapers events a year and the meal cost for each event is approximately $500 to feed approximately 50 people.

Our Diaper Bank gives any parent access to free diapers when they have a need, putting into action the findings of a study published in Pediatrics (7/29/13) showing that “an adequate supply of diapers may prove a tangible way of reducing parenting stress, a critical factor influencing child health and development.” Parents using the Diaper Bank typically do not use other The Parenting Place supports such as parent-child play groups, parent support groups, or evidence-based parenting classes.

Dinner & Diapers aims to provide greater hospitality and connection to these families, by providing a forum to build social supports, and offering small, usable bits of evidence-based parent education. Parents attending Dinner & Diapers often identify as representing disadvantaged populations: people of color, people experiencing poverty, single parents, grandparents or relatives serving as custodial caregivers, blended and step-families, teen parents, and religious minorities.

Submitted: 7/22/19

GROW La Crosse

Amount requested: $1,800

We would like to work with Huber Faucheux, an Eagle Scout, to build essential components of the GROW Edible Schoolyard (ESY). We have found that when students get involved in designing the landscape around them, they become much more immersed in the project. The Eagle Scout would help design and install a large willow arch for people to walk through and plants to grow on, along with information boxes. The ESY will be in the front of Hamilton and SOTA with the collaboration of the students and community. Huber, the Eagle Scout, attended the SOTA I for elementary school, which is one of the reasons he chose to help with the project.

An edible schoolyard is a space that is created intentionally to provide a hands-on learning environment incorporating native edible plants. This space will serve over 275 students and 25 staff.

We are looking for $1800 for both the supplies (willow branches, wood, paint, screws, tools) and also funding to pay for consultations from experts who will be guiding the installation of the arch and boxes. This will allow the Eagle Scout to work hand-in-hand with mentors. Huber would like to become an engineer when he grows up, so experiences like this he believes will help him learn skills he will need when he is an engineer.

We would enjoy giving the funder a tour once these are installed.

Submitted: 7/09/2019

Franciscan Spirituality Center

Amount requested: $1,500

Divorce Recovery
This eight-week program (spring and fall) offers support and a path for healing from divorce, separation, or the end of a long-term romantic relationship. Participants learn practices based in self-compassion to help heal, forgive and form new loving relationships. $20 fee for workbook for each participant and FSC subsidizes the class for participants.

Submitted: 7/08/2019

Franciscan Spirituality Center

Amount requested: $2,000

Art As Prayer
This monthly therapeutic watercolor studio is a chance to learn new techniques without worrying about perfection or a finished product. Participants listen to their hearts while painting and need no experience. Offered monthly September through May. $10 per session, FSC provides supplies and subsidizes the program.

Submitted: 7/08/2019