La Crosse County Emergency Response Fund activated in response to COVID-19. More details here.

La Crosse Area Emergency Response Fund – Fund Balance and List of Donors


La Crosse Community Foundation and Great Rivers United Way partnered to establish a fund to help nonprofits respond quickly to community needs around COVID-19. The fund launched publicly Wednesday, March 18th. The total amount donated to the fund as of 3:15 PM, Friday, March 27 is:


Less grant awards made from the fund, the current total is:


If you can help, please do. As the days and weeks continue to pass, the need will only continue to grow.

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We are incredibly humbled by the generous contributions from the following people and businesses to support our friends and neighbors suffering the most as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic:

Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration
John Edwards and Frances Lee-Edwards Fund
Carl Koch and Joyce Heil Fund
Magerus-McKinney Fund
Sundet Family Fund
Emily Aliesch
Carrie Renaud
Keith Baker
Susan Berger Baker
Marv Davis Law Offices, LLC
Gillette Pepsi
Brad Peterson
Ron & Jane Rada
Mayo Clinic – Franciscan Healthcare La Crosse
Amie Mathy Fund
Charles Mathy Fund
Marck Family Fund
Tracy Helixon
Geri and Andy Hengst
Carrie Leonard
Martin Kreuzer
Jack Haase
Jodi and Daniel Widuch
Lori & Pat Lunney
Karrie Jackelen
Stacy Shapiro and Family
Cassandra Worner
Tom Davey
Kathy and Pat Brummond
Jennifer Peterson
Binsfeld Family Fund
Brenda Rooney
Matt & Mary Kay Wolf
Brent Smith
Klauke Investments
Community Giving Fund
Robert & Eleanor Franke Charitable Fund
William and Cindy Berg
Laure Newcomb
Katie Berkedal & Sam Servais
Rob Palmberg
Jennifer Lanzel
Mary Zaky
David Lange
James Fowler
Phil And Nancy Wilson Wilson
Betsy Morgan
James and Jan Gallagher
Kimberlee and Josh Shively
Susan Knopf
Dale Harkness
Stephanie and Robin Swartz
Hetti Brown
Janet Pearson
Jan Janiszewski
Martha Linville
Robert Richgels
Leslie Swanson
June Daellenbach
Trista Treglowne
Kimberly Hollermann
David Kampa
Ann Tyndall
Hilary Bingol
Dick Record
Jesse Renaud
Martin & Jo Beth Gaul
Brian Abernathy
Cameron Roberts
Lee Langager
Steven Manson
George Singh
Kimberlie Zinda
Susan Carlson
Nicholas Passe
Rick and Annette Mikat
Carrie Leonard
John Young
Lawrence (Larry) Smalley
Michael Noelke
Dave & Barb Erickson
Dylan Belby
Colin & Erin Belby
Bruce & Mary Simones
Austin Reinhart Family Foundation
Scott & Heidi Blanke
Joe and Jamie Schloegel
Dave & Barb Skogen
Berkedal Family Fund
Marck Family Fund
Durtsche Family Fund
Susan M. Quillin Fund
Kurt and Julie Schroeder Family Fund
Francie Ball & Mary O’Sullivan Fund
Harrington Fund
La Crosse Knights of Columbus
Jack and Marti Schwem Fund

Maureen Freedland Social and Environmental Justice Fund

And many others who wish to remain anonymous!