October 23, 2019

Katie Berkedal, Program DirectorBy Katie Berkedal, Program Director

La Crosse Community Foundation awarded a $13,780 grant to support Artspire in 2018.

Artspire is an all-inclusive and free event that attracts, engages and connects our diverse community through meaningful arts experiences. As the largest arts celebration in downtown La Crosse, Artspire combines visual, performing, literary arts, dance and more in a primarily outdoor setting and is designed to represent and engage all peoples and cultures in the La Crosse area.

“One of the coolest moments of the 5 years of Artspire, happened on Friday evening, when the Ho Chuck Singers and Dancers invited the Hmong Dancers (who were scheduled to perform next) to come up and dance with them, and then invited the audience to join in the dance as well.  That was this amazing moment that really illustrated what Artspire is all about – bringing people together from different backgrounds, to celebrate community through art!” – Brian Fukuda, Chair