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An experience with Bill Miller at Northside Elementary

June 26, 2020

Katie Berkedal, Program DirectorBy Katie Berkedal, Program Director

Thanks to a 2019 grant from the June Kjome Justice and Peace Fund, students at Northside Elementary School in La Crosse were able spend meaningful time with Bill Miller, a Grammy Award-winning musician, songwriter, activist, painter, and Native flute player, originally hailing from La Crosse.

The purpose of the project was to promote awareness of the contributions of Native American culture with students and families. Miller also shared personal stories of overcoming significant hardships to inspire students to do the same.

This special event was focused on art, storytelling, and music. Students painted the picture shown here under Miller’s guidance. The finished masterpiece hangs in the hallway of Northside Elementary as a testament to this beautiful experience with Miller, and the message of triumph over adversity he shared.

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