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A grantmaking organization that manages endowed charitable funds established by individuals, families and nonprofits to support causes they care about both now and in perpetuity.

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Current Community Needs List

Summer Grant Catalog of Current Community Needs - NOW OPEN! Hello everyone! We are pleased to announce the release of our summer grant catalog - a collection of current grant requests and other community needs that's open to contributions from [...]
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What it means to give to La Crosse Community Foundation

As the largest and oldest grantmaking charitable organization that serves our community, we work as the liaison between donors and nonprofit organizations to ensure La Crosse County is a healthy, safe, and vibrant place to live, now and [...]
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Fund Spotlight: The Anthony Fund

Honoring the memory of Anthony Fimple This past Monday marked the second anniversary of Anthony Fimple’s death. He was shot and killed while working as a bouncer at a downtown La Crosse bar in June 2020. It was the summer after Anthony’s high [...]
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All access dental clinic

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Grant Story: A community of healthier smiles

A story worth smiling about As we look back on the past year and half, it has often felt hard to find things to smile about. Thanks to Scenic Bluffs Dental Clinic opening in September of 2020 there are many more reasons for our community members to smile. An identified gap in local dental care […]

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