Grant & Scholarship Reporting

Grant reporting is required of all awardees of competitive grants (one your organization submitted an application for) and is due 11 months after the award date. Please refer to your award letter for instructions. Organizations cannot have any overdue follow-up reports to receive new grants from any fund.

Why are follow-up reports needed?

We require follow-up reports for two primary reasons: (1) to be compliant with our accreditation guidelines with the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations that state we have a responsibility to show our staff, board, and donors that the money was used as intended; and, (2) to help us share with donors the impact their generosity is making in our community. Your responses are shared with donors, so please do your best to make clear the impact of your work in bettering our community. A meaningful response will only help to perpetuate the cycle of giving to your organization.

We have multiple different follow-up reports, please select carefully.

Follow-Up Reports for Scholarships (for school/institution use only)

Click the button below to complete the required grant report form. A login to a separate portal is NOT required to complete this form.

Scholarship Report

Follow-Up Reports for Competitive Grants (grants awarded through our online application process)

Login to our online grant portal. When you login, you will see any follow-up reports assigned to you. Click the “edit” hyperlink to access and complete the follow-up report.

Note: The follow-up report is assigned to the person who submitted the grant. If a different person will complete the follow-up report, please contact Lauren Journot at

Applicant & Grantee Login


For questions related to follow-up reporting requirements, never hesitate to contact Lauren Journot at