Featured Grant Recipients

Xylona Merrell Brownfield

$1,800 | John & Adeline Rice Scholarship | Education & Scholarship

Xylona Merrell Brownfield was awarded the John & Adeline Rice Scholarship. She will be attending UW-Madison majoring in Astrophysics with a minor in Chemistry. In her thank you note she wrote "I will be the first in my family to attend college. Growing up in a lower-income family has helped me understand the value of a college education and I am incredibly grateful to have this money to put towards my education."

Andrea L. Hinitt

$1,100 | Clayton & Vivian Veum Scholarship | Education & Scholarship

This scholarship was awarded to Andrea Hinitt who is majoring in Nursing with the goal of eventually becoming a nurse practitioner with a focus on mental health. In her thank you letter she wrote "This financial assistance you are providing will make a very big difference in my life. I will not have to worry about finances and will be able to focus on achieving my goals. Thank you for your benevolence and support."

Outdoor Recreation Alliance of the Seven Rivers Region, Inc.

$6,600 | Marjorie J. Stansfield Fund | Recreation & Wellness

Funding to assist with the installation of a bicycle playground in Lueth Park.

Norskedalen Nature & Heritage Center, Inc.

$1,300 | Roland Beranek Fund | Recreation & Wellness

Funding will go toward the purchase of an all-terrain golf cart to assist guests, members and volunteers in navigating steep hills and long walks at Norskedalen.

Couleecap, Inc.

$48,450 | General Fund | Health & Human Services

Funding for the Housing First Program - a permanent, supportive housing program designed to provide housing and intensive case management services to individuals who are homeless and living with mental illness and/or alcohol and chemical dependency issues.

Gundersen Medical Foundation

$1,100 | Dr. Gunnar & Mary Baldwin Gundersen Fund | Health & Human Services

Annual funding to Gundersen Lutheran Medical Foundation for dementia research.

United Fund for the Arts and Humanities

$4,000 | David & Sacia Morris Fund | Arts & Humanities

Unrestricted annual support.

La Crosse Public Education Foundation, Inc.

$1,700 | Freedland Fund | Culture & Diversity

Funding for Shoah Studies to educate the students in the La Crosse School District about the Holocaust and its aftermath through works that reflect artistic, literary, psychological, religious, sociological, and theological perspectives.

Network for Good

$20,000 | General Fund & Special Initiative Fund | Community Improvement

Funding for the JumpStart Fundraising Program with Network For Good for 10 selected area nonprofits to receive training and support to improve their fundraising capacity.

7 Rivers LGBTQ Center

$500 | Magerus-McKinney Fund | Culture & Diversity

Unrestricted support for the 7 Rivers LGBTQ Center.