Nonprofit Resource Center of La Crosse Community Foundation

Nonprofit Resource Center of La Crosse Community Foundation

Welcome to the Nonprofit Resource Center! Whether you are a nonprofit employee, committee member, board chair, volunteer, or intern, this resource center will provide trainings, tips, and tools to help your nonprofit grow and flourish.

The Nonprofit Resource Center exists to help local nonprofits maximize their impact on this community we all love. We’ve collected in one easy-to-access location trainings and information around some of the most frequent nonprofit challenges: board governance, finding vendors, financial and compliance technical assistance, and more.

Let’s get started!

Nonprofit Organization Self Assessment Tool

Technical Assistance and Coaching Services

Upcoming Trainings

Board Member Matching Program

Nonprofit Vendor Directory

Additional Nonprofit Resources

Local Nonprofit Directory

Nonprofit Leadership Development Collaborative

Affiliation and Fiscal Sponsorship Partners

If you have any suggestions of things we could add or change to make the Nonprofit Resource Center more helpful, please let us know: