2020 Grants and Scholarships

April 29, 2021

Katie Berkedal, Program DirectorBy Katie Berkedal, Program Director

Grants and scholarship awards total $2M more than 2019

$4,318,863 was awarded in grants and scholarships in 2020, which is $2,000,000 more than in 2019! This total includes grants and scholarships from all of our fund types: designated, donor advised, scholarship, unrestricted, and field of interest.

Some of these grants are considered competitive grants, or those awarded to nonprofits who submitted a grant request that was approved by our board of directors. Others are non-competitive grants, as in those awarded by fund holders through their funds.

Grants and scholarships by the numbers

Thanks to an incredibly giving community, over 800 grants and scholarships were made in 2020 that benefitted over 200 charitable organizations.

  • 179 grants were made through our competitive grantmaking program, totaling $2,154,042 and with an average grant size of $12,101
  • 460 grants were made by fund holders (non-competitive), totaling $1,865,624 and with an average grant size of $4,064
  • 183 scholarships were awarded, totaling $299,197 and with an average scholarship amount of $1,670 each.

Overview of grant and scholarship funding by program area:

These grants and scholarships are only possible because of generous donors

We are forever  grateful to our fund holders and other supporters who’ve joined the mission to care for this community now and for generations to come. It’s only in partnership with generous donors and local charitable organizations that together we’ll realize our vision of a vibrant, generous, and inclusive community.

Our most sincere gratitude goes to all those who’ve supported us, thus allowing for this incredible impact to be made in our community. Thank you!