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Standard and Mini Grants

Standard and Mini Grants

As LCF’s traditional grant program, the standard and mini grants are intended to support new, or expansion portions of existing, projects and programs in La Crosse County.

Standard grants are for requests over $7,500

Mini grants are for requests $7,500 or less

Requests must be submitted online through our grant portal and an access code is required to apply.

Funding Priorities

The foundation encourages competitive grant applications for results-oriented projects and programs that address a proven community need or priority that is aimed at making La Crosse County a better place now and for future generations.

The foundation is primarily interested in funding projects and programs operated by well-managed organizations in our eight program areas: Arts & Humanities, Culture & Diversity, Education, Environment, Faith, Health & Human Services, Recreation & Wellness, and Community Improvement.

Our board of directors prefer requests that align with the following:

  • Seek to meet a new or growing need felt by a broad segment of the community
  • Offer lasting value that can be demonstrated through measurable results
  • Include a realistic sustainability plan for funding post LCF support (if project is ongoing)
  • Promote collaboration among agencies, without duplicating services
  • Includes additional funding partners

Proposals for the following needs are discouraged, and typically fall outside of our competitive granting priorities:

  • Annual fundraising event sponsorships
  • Continued funding for previously funded requests
  • Deficit funding
  • Endowments (to establish or build)
  • On-going administrative/operating costs of large, well-established organizations
  • Travel for individuals or groups

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