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21 reasons to start a fund in 2021

January 21, 2021

Jamie Schloegel, Executive DirectorBy Jamie Schloegel, Executive Director
Executive Director Jamie Schloegel works with a donor

Executive Director Jamie Schloegel works with a fund holder

Need a reason to start a fund? We have 21!

Hello friends!

Today is 1/21/21, so we decided it’s a perfect time to give you 21 reasons to start a fund in 2021!

We have so many giving options at the community foundation, and starting a fund is easy, fast, and fun!

If you are thinking you might start a fund in 2021, here are 21 great reasons to make it happen:

    1. When you start a fund, it’s not a one-time gift that gets spent right away and forgotten. Your fund becomes part of who you are and the legacy you leave behind
    2. You receive personalized service from our team’s knowledge of what’s happening in the community that’s meeting needs right now
    3. Whether it be specific nonprofits, or a cause you’re passionate about, you decide who benefits from your fund
    4. Your fund will support your favorite causes forever
    5. You can use your fund to be part of something bigger in the community by pooling your grants with others’ for major impact
    6. You can start a fund with any amount!
    7. We understand how to leverage giving to maximize tax advantages
    8. A variety of gift types can be used to start a fund (stock, non cash or real estate, estate gifts)
    9. You can be confident your fund will be used exactly the way you want
    10. You pick how much control you have over who your fund benefits
    11. What a feel-good way to start a fresh, new year
    12. You can pass your fund’s advising privileges down to your children, or anyone you choose
    13. Private giving is the best way to fill the gaps in government support to address critical community needs
    14. It feels awesome to give, especially to a community you love
    15. We are waiting to work with you! We love partnering with all of our fund holders to do good together here
    16. Your fund stays local. We are local and our trustee is local.
    17. Your fund, if endowed, will help build permanent community capital
    18. You can be sure your fund is used the way you want, as our highly sophisticated fiduciary oversight ensures that gifts are stewarded to the highest standards
    19. You will get opportunities to see your gifts at work (we tour nonprofits with fund holders… and it’s super fun)
    20. Endowment funds are the most sustainable way to give (see pic at the bottom)
    21. We work one-on-one with fund holders, not just once, but always because nothing makes us happier than to serve as your ally in doing great work for the community